Pinnie Parade – Week 2

My round-up of week 2 of the Pinnie Parade! So far I’m still managing to post a pinnie a day even while being away! I’m actually really enjoying this. It’s a great way to use up all those little scraps and revisit fabrics you forgot you had because they have been retired to the scrap box.

Pinnie Parade - Week 2

Day 8- I think this one may be too cute to stick pins in though!

Pinnie Parade - Week 2

Day 9 –  A pinnie to represent being home again. We had a lovely time away with my family, and I’m missing them already, but it is good to be home again. The pattern for this is by Retro Mama.

Pinnie Parade - Week 2

Day 10 – This one is entirely pieced by hand. The squares were put together using English Paper Piecing and I hand quilted it on the long journey home. It’s a little scruffier than I like, but I love the colour combo!

Pinnie Parade - Week 2

Day 11 – Buried in my scrap box was two little bits of embroidery I had completely forgotten about! Here is the first one, a little fairy that I probably had in mind for a Christmas decoration or something. In fact since posting it on Instagram someone had the great idea of turning it into a tooth fairy pillow for Mabel! I think that’s a lovely idea and will be doing that! I can’t remember where I got the embroidery pattern from, but more than likely it was Pinterest!

Pinnie Parade - Week 2

Day 12 – Another hexie flower! Because you can never have too many hexie pincushions!!

Pinnie Parade - Week 2

Day 13 – This is a teeny tiny 2 inch square! I completely improvised with this one, and that was quite fun to do. I didn’t plan for it to be quite so small but I kind of like that it is small, it’s perfect for my tiny applique pins!

Pinnie Parade - Week 2

Day 14 – Probably my favourite of the week. I had to make a big brother for the little duck! I’d not used of any of this fabric before, so it was nice to cut into it with a project in mind.


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