A birthday quilt for Mabel

You may remember if you’ve been following the blog for a while that I made a little quilt for Mabel last year (read about it here). Unfortunately I hadn’t quite worked out the measurements quite right so as was inevitable she has out grown it.

So, what a perfect excuse to make another! I have been stashing some sweet fabric by Lauren Nash from Penny Rose Fabrics, Bunnies and Blossoms. I was so excited when I saw this fabric line released, and bit by bit I have bought nearly the whole collection, in fact you may remember confession of my fabric diet fail here.  Of course with these sort of purchases I had no set mind what I would make. I was so in love with every fat quarter I had to bide my time before deciding, in fact I first started buying it back in March.

A bit like my Crosses Quilt I wanted to highlight the individual fabrics because I knew I would struggle to cut it up into small pieces, scrappy style.

Bunnies and Blossoms flying geese

I was craving some simplicity and something that I could make fast, so what better than some large flying geese! It highlights the fabric perfectly.

Bunnies and Blossoms flying geese

This fitted the bill for my craving for quick and easy, although it did take me twice as long as it should have done thanks to a cutting error which resulted in a lot of mis-matched points and a lot of unpicking. I really must learn not to cut fabric in the early morning!

Bunnies and Blossoms flying geese

I wanted to keep the quilting simple and not dense to give it the perfect soft and snuggly feel.

Bunnies and Blossoms flying geese.JPG

I love the combination of the soft pastels with the Kona Snow. It is a lovely soft contrast to the last slightly bolder quilt I made.


I had to give it my own special touch and add some hand quilting with some Aurifloss #2425. My initial plan had been to just do a few of the triangles, but I enjoyed the process so much and liked the effect that I carried on and did them all!

Bunnies and Blossoms flying geese
My little “helper~

Bunnies and Blossoms flying geese

One of my absolute favourites of this line apart from the sweet bunnies was this low volume floral, after my small regret of my last quilt backing I knew I had to go with my heart and go for what I really love.

As a finishing a touch, I made a special label just for Mabel with some Heather Ross fabric.

Bunnies and Blossoms flying geese quilt label

One day I will master my handwriting, but I do love the little mice and the “Mabel”. This is only the second time I have made a quilt label and it is something I want to make a conscious effort to keep doing.

Bunnies and Blossoms flying geesec

So what do you think Mabel thought of it when she saw it? Well in true kid style it was tossed aside in favour of her new toys, but I’m ok with that, as I know when she needs it most it will be appreciated. She has an upcoming operation this week and I am planning to take it to the hospital with us for some comfort for her.


2 thoughts on “A birthday quilt for Mabel

  1. Your quilt is gorgeous. And I just discovered another beautiful collection of fabric 😉

    Hope the operation goes well for Mabel.


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