Hello Spring! Finally!

Hello Spring embroidery

If I’m allowed to be truly British for a moment and talk about the weather?

Finally we have some sunshine, hip, hip hooray! What perfect timing for this lovely embroidery project! When I first started picking threads for this just over a week ago it was wet, cold, and very grey, definitely not spring weather. However as if by magic as I made a start the sun came out and by Monday we had glorious sunshine.

The project was from Mollie Makes magazine and by Lolli and Grace, it was supposed to be a week-long stitch along but in my true style I was a little behind the times. As soon as I saw the pattern it was one of those moments I knew I had to stop everything else and stitch it. The incentive of course is summer will soon be here and my husband joking that I’ll never be finished before then! Also with it being so wet and grey I needed something bright and cheerful and spring like! Plus as some of you know peonies are my all time favourite flower!

Hello Spring

I mean just look at those colours! How could you feel grey with those!?

This week has just been the most perfect weather, we (I!) have got quite a lot done with the garden (not that we have much of a garden, more a small yard!). Mabel has been outside everyday playing and it’s been perfect! Its meant I’ve been able to sit out there watching her play whilst stitching this.

Hello Spring

I’ll admit the peony did intimidate me a little, I wasn’t feeling brave about my ability to blend the colours and not make it look like a bit of a mess! So I worked on it little by little, although in the original SAL that was day 1. The advantage of being behind is I could pick and choose where I stitched! I also had some encouragement from Lolli and Grace herself when I mentioned it was making me nervous.

Hello Spring

I’m feeling a little chuffed with the finished look (if I’m allowed!?), mainly because I actually managed to finish it but I’ve also learnt a new way of stitching (the blending) and my French knots are slowly improving, something that I seem to be taking forever to master!

I’m now going to hang it up with pride until summer arrives, which knowing the British weather will take forever to get here, and not stay around for long!

It is no longer available on the Mollie Makes website but you can find the pattern and full tutorial here.

Hello Spring!

Hello Spring embroidery


Mandolin Quilt Update

I had hoped to have a couple more of these blocks finished before I shared an update with you, but seeing as my progress has got a little (ok a lot) behind I thought I’d share the one block I have finished since my last post on this.

Mandolin quilt block

I’m really happy with this one. I mainly used one of my favourite fabric ranges by Elea Lutz but I also threw in a bit of cute Lecien for good measure. The original plan had been to use a solid fabric for the outer diamonds but I didn’t quite have the exact shade I wanted. Seeing as this is supposed to be a stash buster quilt I found this sweet gingham fabric to finish it off instead. I love how this quilt is taking on its own direction!

Now I really must get on and start planning my next blocks especially as I now have two unopened envelopes of paper pieces just waiting to be used! I think I may have to cut into my new pile of Bunnies and Bloom fabric!


Tiny Floral Toddler Apron

I’ve been trying to have a bit of a sort out and was going through some books the other day deciding if they were destined for the charity shop or not. One book was about to go in the charity pile when I spotted the cutest little pattern for a toddler apron in there that I knew I had to try.

Mabel is seriously into her arts and crafts and especially loves painting and sticking, and while I try not to inhibit this with fears of her getting paint all over the place it would be nice to have something to cover her up. She does have a cheap plastic one that I got from the local supermarket, but in my mind what would benefit would it be if I can sew but didn’t make her one!

Half the difficulty was trying to decide which fabric to pick! I wanted it cute but at the same time I didn’t want to use something too cute and designer because being an apron it was destined to get stained and dirty!

I came across this floral fabric that had been buried in my stash and there was a couple of metres so decided it was perfect for at least a first attempt. The next hurdle was deciding what binding to use. I had initially planned on using purple but on closer look at the pattern realised I didn’t have enough, and rather wait and order some more I decided to go with yellow.

On my initial planning I thought it really worked and I loved the pop of colour but as I was working on it I became and less and less sure. I even put it to a vote on Instagram and reassuringly 78% of people said it worked! I do love that feature on instagram! It’s like having a bunch of friends round your house helping you pick an outfit! I guess the yellow for me was a little out of my comfort zone, it’s not often I will do something of such contrast.

Tiny Floral Toddler Apron

Tiny Floral Toddler Apron

Tiny Floral Toddler Apron

It was super easy to make, I managed it in just a couple of hours and I’m pleased with how it looks, of course I haven’t been able to get it on her yet!! LOL! I’m thinking maybe I should have gone with something more pink and cute and then maybe she would! I live and learn! :D


Instagram Giveaway

Instagram giveaway

It has been a while since I last had a giveaway on Instagram and I want to thank you all so much for your support, encouragement, kindness and inspiration, also a hello 👋 to all my new followers!
You will win everything pictured so that’s:
1 kawaii sleepy cat ruler
1 box of 36 wooden floral buttons
1 pack of 112 sticky notes
28 3 inch fabric squares
32 4 inch fabric squares
1 strip of 12 Alice in wonderland stickers.
Fabric is from my own scrap stash dating back a few years and there are many out of print Japanese kawaii fabrics in there!

So all you need to do to win is hop on over to my Instagram page and follow me, like the giveaway post and tag a friend or as many as you wish. I’ll be announcing the winner Sunday evening of the 22nd of April.

Good luck!


Into the Jungle SAL – April

Into the Jungle SAL- April

I seem to be making good progress on my Into the Jungle SAL. April is now all finished and I’ve been gradually working on the header. I love stitching this so much and is probably the reason why I’m able to keep up with it. It’s so nice after a busy, stressful day to curl up with a bit of cross stitch, there has even been a couple of nights I’ve fallen asleep with the needle still in my hand!

How cute is this tiger! Love him! 🐯

Next month’s clue says it will be a creature with lots of teeth who has friends who like to help keep them clean, I have a feeling it’s going to be a crocodile! Or a “snap, snap” as Mabel likes to call them.

Into the Jungle SAL- April


Booklet Pouch SAL

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, add in Easter holidays, dental trips, birthday’s and a wedding and there really hasn’t been much time to sew. Boy am I missing it!

One of my favourite purse designer’s Aneela Hoey has just released a new pattern, the booklet pouch. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to make some time for it! I love her patterns they are so clear and easy to follow.

Booklet Pouch SAL

During the month of April @faithessenburg on Instagram  is hosting a Sew Along (SAL), I can never resist joining in with an SAL, so much fun when you’re sewing with others.

Booklet pouch sal fabric pull

The fun part of any new project is picking the fabrics and notions. Normally when there is an option to make a large or small pouch I always opt to make the smaller, mainly so I don’t cut into precious fabric, but in the spirit of my 2018 resolution to stash bust I went for the larger. Luckily I had just enough of all the supplies to go ahead and make one without having to order anything, always a bonus.

This beautiful fabric from Art Gallery Fabrics has been in my stash for a while now just waiting for the perfect project.  I loved the highlights of the pink and navy and so went with that for the zips and binding.

Booklet Pouch SAL

Booklet Pouch SAL

Super handy vinyl pockets so you can quickly see where you have stored all your handy tools and notions. Of course it doesn’t have to hold sewing supplies, you could store anything in there!

Booklet Pouch SAL

Bag Charm

I had to make a little bag charm to go with it. Before I got into sewing I actually made jewellery and was obsessed with playing with beads, that obsession was soon replaced with fabric and sewing so how wonderful to combine the two!

I enjoyed this making this pouch, I did have to do it over a few days, but it certainly added to the sense of achievement when it was finished! I’ve already filled it up with things! If you want to join in with the SAL you have until the 30th April, just add the tag #bookletpouchsal


Beauty drop-out

Let me tell you a little story about a woman who walked into Boots today and had a complete brain freeze (read silent panic attack)! A woman who used to fly around the world with a make-up bag full of Dior, Benefit and Clarins, who every day had her make-up as perfect as she could, nails done, eyebrows waxed and roots never showing.

Slightly off my usual topic but in a way it is kind of related. You see I like to make pretty things and spend hours pouring over pictures of fabrics and handmade items and quilts, but one thing I have neglected is to make myself pretty!

Beauty haul

These days it’s all about saving time and getting out of the door as quickly as possible, after all it’s not just me I’m getting ready anymore. So it’s tinted moisturiser, a quick brush of bronzer and a lick of mascara. Hairdressers are booked bi-annually and nails are trimmed short! Don’t get me wrong I’m happy(ish) with this arrangement, I certainly wouldn’t change being a mum for anything in the world and yes I’ll be honest I would rather spend money on fabric, but when did I get so lazy!??

We have a family wedding on Saturday, Mabel will be a Flower Girl so all the stops need to be pulled out. Hence the trip to Boots. A lovely make-up assistant took pity on me wandering aimlessly around with the pushchair feeling completely lost and out of my depth! Deep down I’m thinking I don’t want to spend a load of money for something that after Saturday will probably sit in my poor old make-up bag and rot, but at the same time I want to look nice and like I’ve made the effort.

I only realised how bad I’d got when after a 5 hour drive up to a family wedding in Yorkshire last August I had come all the way without a scrap of any eye shadow or eye liner and had to make to do with my “day-to-day look”. My family of course love me and I didn’t say anything but it’s at that moment then I felt like I’d let myself down. I have become the cliché of a mum, comfy jeans, converse and messy bun. It’s comfy and definitely more practical and it makes me happy, but it’ll be nice to put on some lipstick and look a bit like the old me for the day!

Can we achieve it all as mum’s? Can we have the perfect house, the perfect look and perfectly dressed child? Some women can! I think this mama will have to make do with her jeggings, scruffy bun and an extra hour to a bit of sewing. Even if it does mean I make a bit of a fool of myself in front of the young girl behind the make-up counter at Boots! Having said that I think I will start to claim myself back a bit and be less mum, I just need to find the right balance!

So please, if you have any tips on how to achieve it all, or if you have some great make-up tips for busy people please comment below!

Anyway I managed to get some bits in the end, being a sucker for packaging the majority was from Soap and Glory as sadly my budget doesn’t stretch to Benefit. I’ve had an experiment with the look and hoping I don’t look too clown like. Just to even out the balance again I bought myself a pair of “mom” jeans from Primark, I’m happy to accept I’m no longer in my 20’s and will wear my “mum uniform” with pride.