Tiny Floral Toddler Apron

I’ve been trying to have a bit of a sort out and was going through some books the other day deciding if they were destined for the charity shop or not. One book was about to go in the charity pile when I spotted the cutest little pattern for a toddler apron in there that I knew I had to try.

Mabel is seriously into her arts and crafts and especially loves painting and sticking, and while I try not to inhibit this with fears of her getting paint all over the place it would be nice to have something to cover her up. She does have a cheap plastic one that I got from the local supermarket, but in my mind what would benefit would it be if I can sew but didn’t make her one!

Half the difficulty was trying to decide which fabric to pick! I wanted it cute but at the same time I didn’t want to use something too cute and designer because being an apron it was destined to get stained and dirty!

I came across this floral fabric that had been buried in my stash and there was a couple of metres so decided it was perfect for at least a first attempt. The next hurdle was deciding what binding to use. I had initially planned on using purple but on closer look at the pattern realised I didn’t have enough, and rather wait and order some more I decided to go with yellow.

On my initial planning I thought it really worked and I loved the pop of colour but as I was working on it I became and less and less sure. I even put it to a vote on Instagram and reassuringly 78% of people said it worked! I do love that feature on instagram! It’s like having a bunch of friends round your house helping you pick an outfit! I guess the yellow for me was a little out of my comfort zone, it’s not often I will do something of such contrast.

Tiny Floral Toddler Apron

Tiny Floral Toddler Apron

Tiny Floral Toddler Apron

It was super easy to make, I managed it in just a couple of hours and I’m pleased with how it looks, of course I haven’t been able to get it on her yet!! LOL! I’m thinking maybe I should have gone with something more pink and cute and then maybe she would! I live and learn! :D


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