Lets Catch Up!

I’m sorry I’ve been absent from the blog recently. With the Easter holidays  and Mabel being off the last 3 weeks from Pre-school it inevitably lead to me falling behind on things like the blog! It doesn’t mean that I haven’t been sewing though. So I thought I’d do a quick catch up post with what I have been up too!

In a previous post – Sewing Along I talked about the Liberty Society Kantha SAL, in the post I shared with you my finished panel. Well gradually over the last couple of weeks I got it all stitched up!

Liberty Kantha Stitching

I love how Liberty florals are so forgiving on wobbly lines and stitches so they become barely noticeable at all. I had almost abandoned this project because I was unhappy with the stitching but after a unpicking some lines, a change from wool thread to a 12wt thread, which by the way is my absolute new favourite, such a dream to quilt with, it glides through the layers and gives a wonderful texture! Anyway I am glad I persevered with this, I am so pleased with the finished result!

Kiberty Kantha Pillow

The texture is so utterly pleasing I find myself stroking it all the time! lol

Liberty Kantha Stitching

I also joined in with another fun sew-along. The Gift a Zippy Bunny pouch. The super cute pattern is by Deidra of @quiltyobsession. I really enjoyed making this, it is a perfect combination of hand stitching and purse making, what’s not to like?!

zippy bunny pouch


Of course every embroidered bunny needs Liberty fabric ears! The hardest part was deciding which Liberty!

Zippy Bunny Pouch

In the end I opted for this bright pastel floral which I think perfectly represents spring. The little bunny was filled with dairy free chocolates and popped into Mabel’s Easter basket, she may only be 3 but she already loves a purse! :D

I may have also been lured into another sew-along, this time for the Chamomile Quilt by Alison of Woodberry Way. I am seriously behind on this one though and doing it scrappy style so I will probably still be doing it, if and when they do another next year!

Chamomile quilt

I LOVE the low volumes of this quilt and can’t wait to dive into my stash and make something that is hopefully as beautiful and dreamy as her version!


I’m still on a bit of a mission to use up my stash so I am hoping this will help make a dent in that a little!

So what else is new? Well we joined the National Trust at the end of March, with Mabel now 3 and full of energy it is not always easy to think of places to take her that’s not the park or soft play. Being a huge countryside lover I have been trying to persuade my husband it is a good idea to join for sometime. We have already been to two places now and love it! It’s so lovely to see Mabel being able to run free without the worry of busy roads, it has been perfect for some picnicking in this lovely weather, we even took the dog with us the 2nd time and he loved it! I hope over the summer we can get to a few more places and enjoy some lovely days out. I’m not going to lie I’m also looking forward to enjoying their cake and cream tea’s! For those who don’t know the National Trust are renowned for their tea and cake!


hughenden manor
Hughenden Manor

Finally and this is something I want to talk about  in a separate post, I am taking tentative steps into dressmaking. It’s something I have wanted to be able to do for so long and I have been having a lot of fun searching through patterns and a whole new world of fabric! I can’t wait to share my efforts with you soon! Although I am not one for being in front of the camera so I haven’t quite worked out how that will work when showing off any finished garments!

So I think I have caught up with most things now! I will be back again soon with some more posts, (I have too many posts sat in my drafts unfinished! I really need to get cracking with those). I hope you had a lovely Easter and got plenty of time to do the things you love doing!



3 thoughts on “Lets Catch Up!

  1. I love Liberty fabrics, they are always so pretty. I haven’t had a go at Kantha yet but might now, it doesn’t look too hard and as you say the Liberty florals are very forgiving. x


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