Dorothy’s Journey Fabric

Dorothy's Journey Fabric

Riley Blake Designs have an upcoming range that I am super excited about. Dorothy’s Journey fabric is by Jill Howarth who has already designed some super cute lines, including Red Riding, Once Upon a Rhyme, Neverland and Goldilocks. She also illustrates the sweetest children books! I think you can gather I am rather a huge fan of her work. I just love her take on the fairy tales, and all the little extra details she adds. As soon as I knew Dorothy’s Journey fabric was being released I jumped at the chance of doing something with these fabrics!

Dorothy's Journey Fabric

I have to say this fabric is super special, the Tin Man actually sparkles, in fact there is plenty of metallic highlights dotted through it, it has such a beautiful shimmer to it!

Dorothy's Journey Fabric

I cannot wait to share with you what I am going to do with these, I wasted no time in making some hexies from the Vignette fabric, they fit nicely on a 1 1/4″ hexie, although I’m thinking 1 1/2″ may have been better.

Unfortunately you will have to wait till August to see what I do but thankfully not that long to get your hands on the fabric, it ships to stores next month!


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