Once Upon a Rhyme Cushion

2019-06-02 14.35.33

Do you remember the Bluebirds on Roses Cushion I made a couple of weeks back? You know the one destined for Mabel’s room… well it is still sat in our lounge and I must admit to being rather fond of it! In my defense it is rather on the large size for a little girl’s toddler bed!

So feeling rather guilty about this I had to make amends and come up with something new, just for her! If you have read a couple of my most recent posts you will have already seen that I picked up some rather cute Once Upon a Rhyme fabric by Jill Howarth for Riley Blake Designs. The idea popped into my head one morning and I simple could not ignore it. So armed with some of Riley Blake’s finest basics (Kisses (pink) and Hashtag white/grey) I made up some Sawtooth Star Patchwork blocks. It is not something I had made before and I will definitely be making more in the future! I love the effect! You know me anything that gives me a chance to do some fussy cutting and I love it!

Once Upon a Rhyme

The unfinished blocks measure 6.5″ so I thought it best to stick to 4 to keep it a nice small size for her little bed. Next on to some quilting and of course it had to be hand quilted! I decided to use complimentary colours for this rather than a stand out contrasting colour. I like the subtle effect it gives and of course the glorious texture! I hand quilted it with Aurifil 12wt colours #5007, #2423 and #2024.

For the back I thought I’d use some more of the Once Upon a Rhyme fabric, I mean it is so sweet and so soft it had to be that. This way it really gets to be shown off! It would have only sat in my stash unused otherwise!

Once Upon a Rhyme Pillow

Stuffed with a nice plump cushion this pillow was the perfect gift for my poorly little princess who for the last week has been really suffering with Chicken Pox. A perfect little comfort to curl up with when not feeling well!

I thoroughly enjoyed making this and will definitely use this block again to make more cushions like this, question is, is that too boring and unoriginal??

What is particularly nice about this cushion has been the opportunity to teach her the nursery rhyme Hey Diddle Diddle and Jack and Jill as I’m not entirely sure she knew it. She of course knew who Humpty Dumpty was!

Once Upon a Rhyme Pillow

Once Upon a Rhyme Pillow

Once Upon a Rhyme Pillow

Once Upon a Rhyme Pillow

I do love the secondary pattern that appears in this! I love how quilting something can really transform the look of it!

Once Upon a Rhyme Pillow


5 thoughts on “Once Upon a Rhyme Cushion

  1. This is gorgeous and really is the perfect present for a girl with chicken pox, I hope she is feeling better. Your hand quilting is immaculate, I have only tried it once and my results were far from what I wanted. x


    1. Thank you so much! Keep practicing with your hand quilting, you will get there! You should have seen my first attempts, I hated it!! Start off with small pieces like a purse or cushion. I find a leather thimble on my middle finger so helpful as well as a nice strong needle like an embroidery needle x


  2. This is such an adorable pillow!!!! Everything about it is perfect…the fabrics, colors and the hand stitching is Magnifico! Love all your posts!

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