Pop Open Pouch

The Pouch Wizard that is Aneela Hoey has been busy designing another fabulous pattern and I had the joy of testing it for her!

I know I say this every time I test one of her patterns but I really love this one! In fact it is probably one of my favourites! So much so straight after making this one, I made another and have a third cut out!

Pop open-pouch

This handy pouch opens right up into a handy basket shape, and with its clever constructions zips back up to half its size for easy storage that won’t take up much space. As with all her patterns they are very well written taking you through each step with clear instructions and diagrams, and a few handy tips thrown in too.

Pop open-pouch

Pop open-pouch

I used cute Organic Cotton fabric from Cloth and Candy although I have feeling she may have sold out of this now as I bought it at the Thread Festival last year. I had been saving it for a special project and I am so pleased it was this one, I think they look great! I even attempted to make a little Zipper Charm but I think that needs some work, mainly because at the time I couldn’t find my pliers so had to improvise!

I love how clean and crisp all the edges meet up giving it a nice sleek finish! I can see a few of these being gifted at Christmas!

Pop open-pouch

Pattern available to download over at Aneela’s website here.


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