Five quick things to sew for the perfect Christmas Present

I don’t know about you but every year I say to myself this is the year everyone is getting handmade Christmas presents. That’s very easy to say in September but what we forget is the time speeds away from us and before we know it it is the week before Christmas and no gifts have been made and we are succumbing to good old Amazon Prime, with maybe only one lucky person getting a handmade gift. Am I right?!

So I thought I’d share with you five of my favourite patterns that are perfect for giving as gifts that you’ll have stitched up in no time. So in no particular order here we go!

The Pop-Open Pouch

Pop open-pouch

Possibly my new favourite pouch pattern! I love the way this comes together and it’s perfect boxy shape. Total bonus points too for being fat quarter friendly. The pattern is designed by Aneela Hoey who has been affectionately named the Pouch Wizard for her clever and useful pouch designs. Fill this pouch with colouring pens and pencils for the little people in your life, or nice smellies or cosmetics for friends and family. There is plenty of space in there so imagine how many sweeties or chocolates you could fit in! You can read my full review of the pattern here.

Kalina Wallet

Kalina Wallet - Apple Green Cottage Pattern

I recently had the pleasure of testing this pattern for Damjana of Apple Green Cottage and am definitely planning to make more of these. You can read my pattern review here. This pattern is well written and very clever. What seems like a design that will take ages to make, comes together very quickly. With step by step photos at every stage even a confident beginner could give this a try. Just change up the fabrics to suit who it might be intended for.

Wee-Braw Bag

Sewing Christmas Gifts

This really is a perfect gift for someone where you want to give them more than a box of chocolates. In fact I made up a bunch of these as teachers gifts last Christmas and filled them with chocolates. Pattern is by Laura Cunningham and you can find it here.

Key fob

Another great stocking filler are these key chains. If you are interested in a tutorial I am happy to put one up on here, let me know.

Five quick things to sew for the perfect Christmas present

They are perfect for scraps and are so fast you could make a whole bunch in under an hour!

Pot Holder

Not something I have actually made for a gift but I am planning too. My absolute favourite pattern is by Amy Sinibaldi of Nana Company – A Pretty Little Pot Holder. She has a FREE tutorial on her blog which will 100% make you want to sew one of your own!

Five quick things to sew for Christmas presents

I hope this helps in your quest for some Christmas sewing, do you have any other fun ideas I have missed?