Friday Favourites #4

This week for Friday favourites I thought I’d share some personal favourites of the week.

Sewing: I’m having so much fun with my Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery pattern The Nutcracker Parade, although this week I haven’t seem to have got very far. A certain little lady of the house is not sleeping very well, which in turn means I am not sleeping very well and am generally falling asleep on the sofa come evening time. I am also sewing a couple of projects but they’re secret projects that I can’t share yet!

The Nutcracker Parade

Watching: I’m currently addicted to the Netflix show “Queer Eye – More Than a Makeover”. I first started watching “Queer Eye – We’re in Japan” as in case you didn’t know I am obsessed with all things Japanese :D.  I didn’t realise what a good programme it was and how bloomin lovely and entertaining the “Fab Five” are, I love Jonathan!! It is perfect TV to have on while doing a bit of sewing or cutting out fabric. Just make sure you have some tissues nearby! #Imnotcryingyourcrying

Queer Eye

Listening: I’ve been getting into Podcasts recently, especially while I’m on my machine. It’s so lovely to sit and sew and hear lovely ladies talking about sewing, I feel like I’m part of a little quilters circle. I was super excited to find out British Designer Sarah Ashford had set up her own podcast! You can find it here.

Great British Quilter Podcast

Reading: I have a new book I’m reading and I don’t want to give too much away in this post as I am writing it’s very own post but I can’t not share it as one of my favourite things this week! Atsuko Matsuyama has a new book – “Sew Cute Quilts & Gifts” that has been translated into English and I am crushing on every project in there! I can’t wait to share more with you!

Atsuko Matsuyama

Drinking: Hooray for Hot Chocolate season! I haven’t gone full on treat mode yet with the cream and marshmallows but my consumption of this yummy drink has gone up rather a lot! I even had my first “Festive” hot chocolate  from Costa this week, Hazlenut Praline – lovely!

hot choc





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