PONY Certain Stitch Needles


Pony Certain Stitch Needles

I was sent some needles from Pony Europe to try out and I thought I would share my thoughts with you.

They are called Certain Stitch and I have to say they’re pretty nifty!
There is a coloured band near the point of the needle which works as a marker for your stitch length so you can see exactly how long they will be, and hopefully meaning more perfect stitches and less undoing! Being the perfectionist I am this makes me very happy! So far they seem to be doing as they imply. I did notice however after hand quilting a full cushion top the band had faded quite a bit. Although obviously it still works great as a needle, and a reminder that you are supposed to change needles regularly, something I am not so good at doing!!

Pony Certain Stitch Needles

They have a range of sizes for a wide variety of uses, including Sharps, Betweens, Crewel and Short Darners. I have been using size 9 from the Sharps pack for some hand quilting and it has been coping with it great! I am looking forward to trying some other sizes!
For stockist info check out @grovesltd or email .


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