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Happy Monday

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I didn’t get around to posting a Friday Favourites  last week so instead I thought I’d do a mini check in today.

As is expected with this time year things are getting busier and busier. Christmas aside we have been looking at schools for Mabel (just can’t believe we are at this stage of her life already!). Our car has also decided to blow a gasket which unfortunately means buying a new car, because it is more expensive to fix than the car is worth! Not the kind of Christmas present I had in mind! We both hate searching for cars, it is both stressful and frustrating, not including the added pressure of getting it sorted to see family.

I have been enjoying seeing the new prints in my shop. This print in particular resonates with me and I think it will have to be framed and hung up. I have always been a homebody, now more so than ever, it really is hard to believe I used to work for an airline as long haul cabin crew! The more I look at it I swear I see Mrs Potts the teapot from Beauty and the Beast! Anybody else?? You can find this print and some others by Sarah Watts here. There are limited quantities of each available so I recommend getting in there quick if you do want one!

Homebody Art Print

I have been putting the finishing touches together for a special birthday package and was so excited to come across this free embroidery pattern on Amy Sinibaldi’s blog! How cute is this little guy!? You can find the pattern here

Birthday Bear Embroidery

I’m hoping to crack on with some Christmas sewing this week, I have some pouches cut out already, it is just a case of fitting in! I know I’d rather be sewing than traipsing around used car garages!

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing a project I have been working on for Riley Blake Designs. The fabric holds a special place in my heart and I can’t wait to show you more. In the meantime here is a little sneaky peek!


I have just started following a very inspirational lady on Instagram @stacieswift. Her illustrations just having me nodding my head every day. Here is just one of the many them I wanted to share!

Stacie Swift

I’m going to sign out with a picture of this little dude. It has been a while, although if you’re a viewer of my Instagram stories you’ll know he is a regular guest! Yesterday he had his Christmas groom and is looking (and smelling) lovely!! We’ve been a little concerned about him the past week, he has been acting very out of character and we’re not sure what’s making him so unhappy. I think it might have to be a little trip to the vet to get him checked out if it carries. He will be 6 on Wednesday and I really hope all is well with him! It’s amazing how they become such a close part of the family!


Wishing you a happy and un-stressful week!



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