Birthday Stitcher’s Swap

Last year I took part in a fun Birthday Stitchers Swap. It basically meant on your birthday you received a surprise parcel full of handmade goodies and in return you send a parcel to someone for their birthday.

My partner’s birthday was at the end of December and so I thought I’d share what I made for her.

First of all in her mosaic of ideas she mentioned she would like a sewing caddy of some sort. So with this in mind I made a Sewing Date Traveler, you can get the pattern for free on the Robert Kauffman website here.

Birthday Stitchers Swap - Sewing Date Travele

I couldn’t resist cutting into a Sarah Jane Unicorn panel, they were the perfect size for the pockets!

Birthday Stitchers Swap - Sewing Date Travele

I am so pleased with the handles! The pattern was fabric ones but I just had to use this rainbow webbing that I bought from Sew Hot, it is a match made in heaven – right?

Birthday Stitchers Swap - Sewing Date Travele

I thought some sewing themed fabric would be fun for the interior, and used Paper Dolls from Riley Blake.

Birthday Stitchers Swap - Sewing Date Travele

For the zipper pocket I used 1 and a half inch scraps left from another project.

Birthday Stitchers Swap - Sewing Date Travele

Even with squares so small there were still some fussy cutting!

Next up I made a medium sized Flora Supply case, and I couldn’t let the opportunity to make some clamshells pass me by!!

Birthday Stitchers Swap - Clamshell Flora Supply Case

I chose a rainbow of pastels, mainly Japanese fabrics. I’m not going to lie, I did fall a little bit in love with these clamshells!

Birthday Stitchers Swap - Clamshell Flora Supply Case

The case is made using foam, so for ease I hand quilted the clamshells first before adding the foam, I used a piece of linen as a stabiliser. I was debating using a pink thread for the hand quilting, but I like the pop the darker colour gives.

This is only the second case I have made and I was a little nervous, especially as it was for a gift for a very talented friend! The binding was a little fiddly this time round but I got there in the end.

Birthday Stitchers Swap - Clamshell Flora Supply Case

I used a mix of Tilda for the zip pocket and some Atsuko Matsuyama, those strawberries have been in my stash for a while waiting for their perfect moment.

This little purse was one of the first things I made for this parcel, way back in the summer I think.

Birthday Stitchers Swap

The butterfly pattern is Foundation Paper Piecing and I got the pattern from a copy of Love Patchwork and Quilting Magazine. Liberty seemed a lovely choice for a butterfly and what goes perfectly with Liberty? Linen of course!

I thought it be a nice little touch to make a bow for the gift wrapping, and embroidered a little bear gift tag. As soon as I saw the bear on Amy Sinibaldi’s website I knew I had to make one for my partner!

Birthday Stitchers Swap

I included a little pin cushion made from more of those little scraps I had.

Birthday Stitchers Swap

I made a mug rug with fabric from Christopher Thompson’s new line Winifred Rose for Riley Blake. I love the inspirational writing on it and thought my partner might like it on a desk or sewing table to keep her motivated and add a smile.

Birthday Stitchers Swap

Here it is all together, including some little bought extras.

Birthday Stitchers Swap

I had great fun putting this parcel together, especially as my partner is a lovely friend on Instagram. However I have made the decision this would be my last swap. As much as I love making and gifting things, I genuinely can’t cope with the stress of it. I really fret about what I have done, if it’s good enough and if are there enough extras. Even posting about this I am scrutinising it and worrying that I didn’t do enough. I won’t say never again, and maybe if the right swap came along I would join in but for now I am going to be sensible and try and reduce anxieties that I can control! They are supposed to be fun after all! Anybody else getting worried about swaps??


3 thoughts on “Birthday Stitcher’s Swap

  1. Oh my, this is an incredible swap, you really did have the luckiest partner. My favourite parts are the tiny squares on the pocket (because detail is everything) and the gorgeous clamshells. Everything is so pretty and this truly is a basket full of beautiful handmade goodness. I absolutely get what you mean about being stressed about swaps though, been there, done that. x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ah that’s a lovely idea! I’ve not heard of a stitcher’s swap before, but I think I might like to take part in one someday. Everything you’ve made looks so pretty! 💛


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