Animal Almanac – Month 3

How are you all doing? Such crazy times right!?

Not a whole load of sewing going on over here, what with Mabel’s pre-school being closed, and lack of concentration with all the worry over everything, I haven’t really made it onto my machine. I have been happily hand stitching as much as I can though. It has been a good way to take my mind off of things. That and scrubbing the house from top to bottom daily!

I have caught up with month 3 of The Frosted Pumpkin’s Animal Almanac. I am really loving this one, I have probably said this already but it is definitely my favourite!

2020-03-22 12.49.05.jpg

I’m working bit by bit on the individual frames, but to stop it from getting a little boring I’ve dug out my Storytime Sampler! Can you believe I started that waaaay back in 2015!?

I made a good start at first but soon had to stop thanks to extreme pregnancy sickness 24 hours a day and then painful carpal tunnel in both hands towards the end of the pregnancy. It got left to one side whilst I did the other Sew-Along’s and of course adjusting to being a new mum. Sadly, I also fell out of love with my fabric choice. I was very close to starting all over again, and perhaps if I hadn’t done so much already I may have done. The lacy borders gave me some problems back in 2015 and I kept going wrong, which involved a lot of unpicking, but 5 years on my eyes are figuring it out better.

Storytime Sampler

Storytime Sampler

I’ve just finished block 7 and am swiftly moving onto block 8. I am thankful that I have hobbies I can do at home. My poor husband is missing going out to his various things he does.

Finally I’d like to share the most beautiful case my lovely friend Jennifer – @crimsonconfection sent to me, it was such a beautiful surprise and really brightned my day!

Instagram friends are the best

It’s a beautiful case for holding all my embroidery floss! I’ve already put it to use, and have filled it up with my threads for the Animal Almanac! Please check her out, as you can see she makes the prettiest of things and sells beautiful fabrics in her Etsy store too!

Embroidery floss case

Stay safe and well everyone, stay at home and sew!



2 thoughts on “Animal Almanac – Month 3

  1. Oh my, that case is just the prettiest thing! I can’t get over the paper pieced swan (I have never tried paper piecing as the idea terrifies me). You have a wonderful friend, right now every gesture to make someone happy is worth so much. x

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