Idyllic Fabric – Hudson Bag

I’ve had the absolute pleasure of playing with the oh so stunning collection – Idyllic by Minki Kim, her newest collection for Riley Blake Designs. I can’t express enough how much I love it!

I decided to make a Hudson Bag, which is a new pattern by Sallie Tomato. As soon as I saw the pattern I was excited and went and bought it straight away! It looked like such a fun challenge, and I thought the bolder prints of the Idyllic collection would work perfectly!

Idyllic Fabric - Hudson Bag

The pattern was really well explained and I found it a really enjoyable experience. I do love a challenge when making bags, and this was no exception, but also not as tricky as it may first appear. I would recommend using a walking foot if you have one, it does make things a little easier.

Idyllic Fabric - Hudson Bag

I’m not going to lie, I got a little over excited when I found the pink stripey webbing! Initially I was going to use a navy webbing, but I love how this really makes a bold statement!

Idyllic Fabric - Hudson Bag

As you can see I really did try to use as many of the fabrics as I possibly could for this, even the lining has 3 different fabrics. I mean why not, right!?

The dictionary definition of Idyllic is :- “A place or an experience that is extremely pleasant, beautiful or peaceful”. This fabric certainly lives up to its name.

My ideal place (other than home), is away from it all in the countryside or by the sea. I’m most happy when all I can see is nature. What is your idyllic place or situation?

Idyllic Fabric - Hudson Bag

Idyllic will be arriving in shops soon!


4 thoughts on “Idyllic Fabric – Hudson Bag

  1. This is fantastic! I recently finished my first noodlehead divided basket and am excited to dive into more bags and baskets. Good choice on the bold webbing – it really makes the bag!


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