Happy Mother’s Day

I hope you all enjoyed your Mothering Sunday, to all mum’s I hope you were all really pampered. Our Mother’s Day plans had to change as my mum was taken into hospital on Thursday. I’d planned to make a fancy cake, but decided to change it to cupcakes to make it easier serving it at the bedside.

So how about Cookies and Cream Cupcakes?



The magic of these are they have cookies added to the cake batter before baking. So the sponge is chocolate and once you have spooned the batter into your cases, you get one shop bought cookie (like Maryland or Oreos) and break it into quarters, you then add it to each cake.

The frosting is a simple butter icing with about 8 more of the cookies bashed up and mixed through. I wanted to pipe these but because of the biscuit crumbs it was almost impossible to do. So instead I piled the icing on with a pallete knife. To finish sprinkle some more of the biscuit crumbs. These I warn you are so yummy you will not want to stop at eating just one. The crunch of the biscuit in the icing and in the cake is amazing!




Here they are all boxed up for mum.






Got to be better than hospital food!


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