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Some fantastic embroidery inspiration


Out of all crafts I think one of my favourites has to be embroidery. Ever since a child I have always enjoyed having a needle and thread in my hand, even at the age of 5 I was coming up with my own cross stitch samplers. One of the main things that has pushed me off the sewing machine and into working with felt is because I love the embroidery aspect of it. Whether it’s sewing on a little face to bring something to life, or spending hours sewing tiny seed beads on to something I thrive on it, I find it so relaxing.

Behind the scenes in the back of my mind I am planning something, I’ve hinted at it before when I shared the Craft a doodle book with you. I love the idea of making  a piece of artwork or illustration out of embroidery, something to hang on the wall and admire.

Here is what is really inspiring me at the moment…

fantastic embroidery inspiration

The Honey Diaries

fantastic embroidery inspiration


fantastic embroidery ideas


fantastic embroidery inspiration

Art Mayster

fantastic embroidery inspiration

Gracie’s Garden Bazaar

fantastic embroidery inspiration

Down Grapevine Lane

fantastic embroidery inspiration

Misako Mimoko

fantastic embroidery inspiration

Follow the White Bunny

fantastic embroidery inspiration Prudence Grayson

Fantastic embroidery inspirationNugyen Le

fantastic embroidery inpiration

Out of the woods

fantastic embroidery inspiration


fantastic embroidery inspiration


fantastic embroidery inspiration


I hope you enjoyed my selection of pieces. I hope to share with you some of my own work soon.


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