Beautiful Butterfly Cakes

butterfly cakes

One of my favourite cakes as a girl was butterfly cakes, and you can see why, so pretty and girlie! But the best thing for me was the butter icing centre. Simple pleasures! I don’t remember that many cakes having butter icing so when I came across a butterfly cake at a party… (as that was mainly where they would be served… saved for best :)) I couldn’t wait to tuck in.

Strangely even though these were my favourite cakes as a child this is the first time as an adult I’ve made them. I can safely say I will be making them again. Something so simple yet looks so ‘fancy’ and pretty, and they taste divine.

butterfly cake

And to honour a bit of childhood nostalgia I let my Momiji dolls join the party!

butterfly cake

So all you need to do to make one of these lovely cakes, is to whip a batch of your favourite cupcakes,

Being careful not to cut too far down, cut a circle around the top of the cake and remove it, keep to one side.

Pipe a generous swirl of butter icing in the hole.

Cut the cake circle in half and place back on top of the cake so it resembles a pair of wings.

Finally dust the cakes with icing sugar.

butterfly cake


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