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I’ve been really enjoying getting back into the sewing room, and I have the Great British Sewing Bee to thank for that. It all came to an end last night in the grand final, and a huge congratulations to Heather who in my eyes was a surprise winner (my money was on Chinelo), although the dress she made in the final challenge was amazing.

I’ve been wanting to learn dressmaking for so long, but my confidence always lets me down, I also lack the patience and that is why I love making my little purses. As well as watching the Sewing Bee I came across a blog called Refashionista. Totally awesome blog! She buys a truly awful dress from a charity shop and turns it into something very wearable. Each week one of the challenges on the Sewing Bee was to ‘refashion’ a garment. I’m totally inspired by it and can’t wait to get down to the charity shops to find some old clothes to cut up and *try* and turn into something wonderful. It has the added bonus of not having to work with all the complicated pattern pieces that always confuse me!

In some shop news I have added more purses. The felt plush listings are beginning to expire and I doubt I will be renewing, as much as I enjoyed making them, they proved to be unpopular not generating many views or interest :(

Today I had a go at doing something a little different with the coin purses, using pretty vintage style fabric I added some lace and ribbon, and I was pleased with the results.

granny chic tilda ribbon purseWhat do you think?

Yesterday the postie brought me some more lovely mail. Lucky me!

Home Makery goodies Home Makery goodies

Some fabby new ribbons and buttons from The Home Makery. Beautifully packaged it felt like my birthday when I opened the parcel.


I’m loving these flowers, they are some sort of hybrid of daffodil and they are so pretty like a peony or rose.



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