Hexagons – A new project

Pile of hexies!

The only way I am managing to survive the World Cup is immersing myself in a new project, and although I’ve not been blogging regularly my hands have not been idle! My Spring Stitching Quilt is almost complete and just needs to be quilted, there will be a post about that coming soon! I enjoyed the project so much that I knew my next project would involve hexagons too. There is something so therapeutic and relaxing about English Paper Piecing (EPP), but then as you know I am a huge fan of hand sewing. I could quite happily sit and work on it all day without getting bored.


I have been collecting these fabrics of the past couple of weeks, with a hexagon quilt in mind. The day of the opening ceremony I shuffled off to my sewing room and started the mammoth task of cutting the fabric into neat piles of hexagons.


You cant beat the sight of a neat pile of finished hexagons. Hub thinks I’m bonkers and couldn’t understand why I wanted to start another hexagon project, he asks why I can’t use a different shape. All these hexagons including cutting out the fabrics took me a little less than 2 weeks. I know I wanted to make loads of hexies up first, as last time I did a few then sewed a few and it felt like I was spending so much time cutting out fabric. This time I just wanted to keep the rhythm going so cut a mammoth piles at a time.



The fabric is Chloe’s Closet 3o’s Playtime by Moda. A fabric range I fell in love with as soon as I saw it.

Pile of hexies!


After much deliberation I decided I wanted it to be a Grandmother Garden style, and on Monday I started to sew the flowers together. Here is one flower of each of my chosen fabrics. So I still have a long way to go, I’d love to finish them before the World Cup ends, and then at least the time away from hubbie while he is engrossed in the football (yes I am a football widow) has been put to good use, and considering I am seeing hexies in my sleep I don’t think my next project will feature quite so many hexies!

I will show you my progress soon.

Happy Friday!



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