Beautiful Ceramics – My top picks!

I always enjoyed pottery classes at school, and the feel of the clay in my hands, sadly I was never really any good at it. There were more disasters than any kind of work of art or something of use. These artists below show us how it’s supposed to be done!

Hideminy New York

 I need to have these!! Porcelain Lace Salt and Pepper Cellers by Hideminy


Amazingly these cameras are made out of ceramic! Check out Katharine Morling’s work she’s a pure genius!

 Lisa StevensI love this piece by Lisa Stevens

Wapa @ EtsyBeautiful Dandelion Candle Holder by Wapa

 Red Hot PotteryRed Hot Pottery – So pretty I love the little butterflies!

Tasha McKelvey

Tasha McKelvey Cute little birdie bowls, custom made to order

Marinski HandmadesMarinski Handmades – One day I will own something from this seller’s shop!

Redwood Stoneworks

The cutest little ring dish by Redwood Stoneworks, I would so love one of these on my bedside table! You can also customise it with a choice of  colours, but I quite like it white.
BarruntandoLook at this yarn bowl! How fabulous! Barruntando Ceramics                                                                  Barruntando Ceramics

I also love their little cat miniature

Ross Lab

Pretty Heart Coffee Mugs by Ross Lab. You can never have too many mugs right!?

So even though my skills are lacking, thankfully there is plenty out there made by very talented folks. I hope you like them too. You can see more of my ceramic picks here.


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