Norah Quilt

There has been a rather fun Sew-Along (SAL) on Insta recently, and it was one I just couldn’t pass up! The Norah Quilt is the brain child of the clever ladies behind Sunny Day Supply I suggest you take a look at the tag, and I challenge you to not immediately want to make one when you see all the lovely Norah Quilts. Imagine one giant, colourful log cabin quilt.

This SAL has been happening for the last couple of years, and I have always been tempted to join in, however time has always got the better of me and I’ve never managed to join in, just sitting by the sidelines instead. This year I was determined to join in!

I’m not entirely sure why I let time hold me back on this project. It is probably one of the quickest (and most fun) quilts I have ever made!

Norah Quilt

The goal was to use some long hoarded fabrics, but I couldn’t resist adding some newer cuties too! I actually surprised myself how well I coped cutting into everything. Only a true fabric hoarder will understand what I mean here! 😉

Norah Quilt

I decided to keep this a baby sized quilt. The temptation to keep going and make a biggie (I was enjoying it so much) was strong, but I wanted to keep it manageable and I was honestly too lazy to faff about piecing a quilt back. The aim of this quilt after all was to use up stash, and metres and metres of fabric to piece a quilt backs is something I just don’t have.

I stuck with 4 colours as suggested in Sunny Day Supply’s blog post. Pink (of course!), blue, yellow and an off white.

Norah Quilt
Norah Quilt

I love the mix of the old and new fabrics.

Norah Quilt

This centre square has a very special meaning to me. It reminds me of my dear mum when she was a little girl, and rather bizarrely the collection is called Margaret and Sophie. Well my mum was called Margaret. So you can see why this fabric would mean so much to me. It seemed only right to put right at the heart and centre of the quilt.

Norah Quilt and my mum

Now onto the therapeutic task of hand quilting. I’m going to let myself enjoy this and just take my time. After all it’ll mean I get to stare at all these pretty fabrics for longer. Above is a picture of my mum when she was a little girl, doing some stitching of her own. She is the little girl on the left, and as you can see I was not lying when I said little Margaret in the fabric reminds me of her. Oh how I miss her dearly.

I will be back at some point (probably best not to say when!!) to share it all hand quilted.


2 thoughts on “Norah Quilt

  1. This is sweet. I made a large log cabin quilt as a birthday present for a friend last year using Bonnie and Camille fabrics, two sides were based around their red fabrics and two around their navy fabrics. It was just great and seeing this post has reminded me that I was thinking about making one for myself at some time. I really like the sweet fussycut centre.


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