The Fussy Cut Sampler – Chapter 1

In my last post I talked about the new book I had purchased, The Fussy Cut Sampler in a bid to get through some of my hoarded stash. Well I’m feeling rather pleased with myself that I have already managed to finish the four blocks that were in Chapter 1.

fussy cut sampler chapter 1

Block 1/48

The Fussy Cut Sampler
A nice easy block to start with. I couldn’t resist cutting into my Serendipity fabric for this, and the square/ rectangles frames it perfectly.

Block 2/48

The Fussy Cut Sampler

My favourite so far, using some of my much loved fabrics, I love the colours of this one!

Block 3/48

The Fussy Cut Sampler

The next two I am not 100% sure I am happy with. Block 3 was another nice and simple block with half square triangles and two 4 patch blocks. One of my favourite colour combinations at the moment is grey and pink.

Block 4/48

The Fussy Cut Sampler

The block I am least sure on, I love the colours but worry that it may be a little too busy. I always find it hard starting a quilt that isn’t using a set bundle from one designer, I never trust myself enough that I will make it cohesive enough. What I do need to remind myself is that I should stop worrying and enjoy the process, most of the time they have a habit of working out themselves.

Looking forward to starting Chapter 2 and working with stripes.


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