Blooming Blossoms – Box 10 & 11

Blooming Blossom EPP

So I’ve finally reached the final box of my Blooming Blossoms BOM! I feel excited to be close to the finish line, but also a little sad that this part of the quilt is coming to an end. I have enjoyed having the fabrics picked for me and just having the freedom to cut and sew. Box 12 has to be my favourite one of all, so many pretty fabrics! It’s going to be a delight sewing together the last 3 Blossoms.

To save repeating myself and boring you, I decided to combine box 10 and 11 into one blog post.

Blooming Blossom EPP
Box 10
Blooming Blossom EPP
Box 11

I surprised myself at how quickly I got through the last two boxes, I think because I’m feeling like I’m on a bit of a mission to get it finished now. It has been such a treat working with so many pretty Liberty fabrics. I’m already thinking about what my next project will be (although I still have a long way to go on this one!) It shall probably some more work on my Mandolin quilt. Although Tales of Cloth does  have another couple of patterns I am tempted to try!


One thought on “Blooming Blossoms – Box 10 & 11

  1. Your Blooming Blossoms are beautiful. I just finished putting box 12 together. It is such a beautiful quilt and was a fantastic BOM. My quilt is joined together except for the last two rows! Good luck with your joining. Can’t wait to see your progress pictures as I chose the navy background.


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