Zippered Basket Pouch

Last month I had the opportunity to try  Aneela Hoey’s new pattern the Zippered Basket Pouch. I posted about it on Instagram but realised I never actually shared it on here!

Zippered basket pouch

I think I may have mentioned before but I love Aneela’s patterns! They are always so well written and well explained. Every time I have made one of her patterns I gain more confidence in my sewing, and this pouch is no exception!

I love the way Aneela really thinks about her patterns and comes up with the most useful ideas. With this pouch it zips like a normal pouch, but because it has an open-ended zipper and foam interfacing once open it becomes a handy basket! So many projects would be perfect for this, I can see knitters using this to store a ball of wool during sock making. Or a handy space for some EPP on the go! The pattern comes in two sizes, the one I made which is 11″ x 5 or a larger sized pouch (which is on my to make list!) 12 x 6. It’s amazing how much can squeeze into one little pouch. Think Mary Poppins! :)

Zippered basket pouch

I was a little nervous when I saw the pattern (foam scares me a little!), but I really didn’t need to be, it was super fun and quick to make up and incredibly satisfying. Like I say Aneela has this wonderful ability to boost my confidence and develop my skills.

Zippered basket pouch

The hardest part was deciding which fabric to choose! In the end I went with these Cotton + Steel Strawberries that have been sat in my stash for quite some time and I am pleased with my choice.

You can get yourself a copy of the pattern here.


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