Trixie Fabric

I have fallen in love hard with the new fabric line by Heather Ross called Trixie! I mean what is not to like? You have cute little mice, pretty florals and sweet little strawberries! Just perfect!

Trixie Fabric

I am normally quite hesitant to cut into fabric I love, I haven’t dared to cut into my Bluebirds on Roses fabric yet. But with these cute mice and some Instagram inspiration of Economy blocks how could I not resist!?

Trixie Fabric Economy Block

I decided even though I am already in the midst of several other projects what could be the harm in just one block? It was super quick to cut and make and a hugely satisfying finish that I couldn’t help but make another…

Trixie Fabric Economy Block

I was particularly pleased with the outcome of this yellow gingham block. When my mum first taught me to sew, she warned me to stay away from stripes and gingham as they can be very hard to match and won’t look great if your seams are slightly off. Luckily I braved it this time and I am pleased it paid off, the squares all blend together!

The head scratcher now is what does it become? I think a quilt would look amazing, however I’m not sure I want to make 100’s of them (the block is only 6″ square), plus I already have a few quilty WIP’s on the go! So I’m thinking either a pillow or to use them separately as part of a pouch pattern or something.

I also bought the panel to make the mice “Thomas and Trixie” and I am looking forward to sewing those, I have a feeling a certain little lady will like to claim them as hers! Although I am a little nervous at making such little creatures! Little always means fiddly!

Trixie fabric panel

This is one fabric range where I wish I had a bottomless supply as I literally want to make everything with it! I may be ordering some more, although it is selling out everywhere FAST!

What do you think of the new line by Heather? Are you in love? What are your sewing plans with it? I’d love to hear!



2 thoughts on “Trixie Fabric

  1. What the heck, I am just now finding out about Thomas and Trixie? I am in LOVE with Heather Ross fabric. I can’t get enough. Thanks for the info and Thomas and Trixie. Your website is super cute, I am going to poke around some more.

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