Keep Calm and Cross Stitch

I’ve said it many times but sewing is my therapy. My escape, my opportunity to zone out from everything and enjoy what I am doing. I have never been very good at sitting and doing nothing, and of an evening I must have a stitchy project of some sort on the go! I’ve also mentioned in my last couple of posts that my “sew-jo” seems to have gone into hiding slightly. Life is mentally and physically draining at the moment. The grief I feel seems to have amplified since mum’s funeral, making my get up and go sneak even further away.

Thankfully I have my hand-sewing, and cross stitch in particular has been a god send for me these last few weeks!

Keep Calm and Cross Stitch

The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery as you may well know already are my go-to cross stitch designers. I love how their patterns are not only fun, but easy to dip in and out of, with just the right amount of concentration needed without being too much.

I have been working on this poor old Into The Jungle SAL since 2018. I feel bad for barely touching it last year, but am certainly making up for it now that I am stitching like a mad woman!

2020-02-28 14.06.10.jpg In fact since starting this blog post (a month ago!) I have stitched 2 more animals which means that all 12 are finished and I now have just the bottom border to go. It will feel like such an achievement to finish it, it’s a shame it has taken me so long!

I have also started their newest SAL – Animal Almanac. As soon as I saw the preview for this, I knew there would be no way I’d be able to resist! Anything with animals on it, pretty much will have me sold!

After a slow start, I soon caught up!

Keep Calm and Cross Stitch - Animal Almanac SAL

I mean seriously, could it get any cuter!?

Keep Calm and Cross Stitch - Animal Almanac SAL

Being all caught up means I was ready for March’s download, but I’ve decided to wait until I have finished my Into the Jungle. Although the temptation to ignore that rule is really starting to kick in! After all this is supposed to be therapy and a bit of fun, so I should stitch what I like, right? But it would be so good to finish 2018’s project first, even if it has a bit too much green for my liking!

What’s your go to “comfort sewing”? Next time I’ll share with you my other favourite zone out sewing, my sweet little hexagons that I have been building.


4 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Cross Stitch

  1. Cross stitch is my go to for zoning out as well. It’s so mindless, yet requires just enough concentration to allow your brain to reset, and not topple over the same thoughts again and again. Hugs Sarah! Grief is tricky but you’ll make it through. Time will ease the sharpness 💕

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  2. I do cross stitch too and have done for decades, I always have a few things on the go. When I really need to do something with very little concentration then it is always hexagons for me, i can completely zone out but still do something beautiful. My other sewing related activity is just sitting looking through sewing books and magazines and also my stash, the possibilities are always fun. Hugs. x

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  3. Great job! The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery has some of the cutest cross stitch patterns! I ordered one of their pen pal ones. It hasn’t come in yet, but I’m looking forward to making it!


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