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Let love and kindness win

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“Where there is love there is life” – Ghandi

I have tried to avoid talking about Covid-19 on here, but I just wanted to share a few words.

This is an unprecedented time for us all. Not just that but down-right scary too!

Now is the time to show kindness and love to people. There are going to be people losing work and money, maybe even homes, there are going to be people isolated and alone from everyone, and tragically there are going to be people who have lost and will lose loved ones.

I think every country has seen the craziness of mass panic buying and stock-piling. Despite governments saying it is not necessary, there are still people leaving shelves empty, which is especially difficult to those who are vulnerable and elderly, who find it hard to get out to the shops, including our hard-working medics that are coming home from long shifts and are unable to buy basic supplies.

Despite witnessing the true selfishness of some people it has also been a joy to see those that are doing everything they can to help. Whether that be the front-line staff of the NHS, the pharmacists working late into the night to make sure everyone has the medication they need, and the shop workers who are stacking the shelves as quickly as they empty. There are also those in neighbourhood’s that have set up Facebook groups for volunteers, offering help to people who are in self-isolation, or can’t get out and have no family near-by to help.

If we can focus on positives, and can show love and kindness to others we will get through this, and be a much stronger and better world for it. Listen to the advice the officials are giving. They are giving it for a reason. Governments do not put countries on lockdown for “just the flu”. We need to protect the elderly and the vulnerable in the high risks groups.

As someone who is in a high risk group and has experienced severe asthma attacks in the past that needed emergency treatment, I am begging you to think, just because you feel fine, you may be a carrier of the virus and pass it on to someone who could potentially get very ill from it. I’m terrified of that all too familiar feeling of being unable to breathe, something most people will take for granted. I dread to think how my poor mum would have felt during this time and how scared she would have been. She may be at peace now, but there will be many, many more people still fighting cancer and having chemo who are at serious risk of catching it. Is it fair for them to fight their cancer so hard only to lose that battle because someone couldn’t face not going to the pub?? I have also heard of a very upsetting story where a lady (@avocadofairy) with brain cancer has been told her chemo is being stopped to free up beds. That is truly devastating!

Please look after each other, take just one loaf of bread of the shelf instead of two. Ask the elderly neighbour if they need anything from the shop. Offer them your phone number so they can call. Have a chat with them in the garden.

Kindness costs absolutely nothing but means so much to someone receiving that thoughtful act. It doesn’t have to be grand gestures, even just a little text can brighten someone’s day.

So I shall step off my soapbox now, it is also important to look after yourselves. It’s OK to be worried, anxious, scared. Know you are not alone and there will be someone out there to talk to. I’m only an email away if you want to get in touch.

The “Love” patchwork pattern is by @Jitkadesign. I purchased it during the devastating Australian Bush Fires as a way of donating some money towards the charities fighting the fires.

I had been working on this the very day I went to my mum’s, found her and had to call an ambulance. Needless to say it took me a while to get around to going near it again. I only had the “E” to go and with Mother’s day approaching I wanted to finish it for her. It is not the neatest but then nor is my own hand-writing! I figured it would be the perfect reminder we need right now. “Where there is LOVE, there is life”

Stay safe and keep well. Lots of love.



3 thoughts on “Let love and kindness win

  1. You are such a kind and thoughtful soul Sarah. I agree with everything you have said here. Your ‘love’ Patchwork is beautiful, you are doing your mum proud x x

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