Zakka Wool Applique Book Tour

I have had the huge honour and pleasure to be joining the super talented Minki Kim on the tour of her newest book  – Zakka Wool Applique.

I love all of Minki’s books, of which this is the 4th, however this one is super special. It features one of my favourite things to do, hand sewing.

Zakka Wool Applique - Book Tour

In this book you are spoilt for choice with project ideas, inspiration and step by step instructions. Minki gives you a selection of applique patterns to choose from and then some lovely ideas on what you can turn your embroidered applique into it. The key emphasis is on having fun and making it your own.

I had a hard time picking a project, they are all so beautiful. In the end I decided on this pretty floral panel.

Zakka Wool Applique - Book Tour

The pattern that goes with this is a very pretty little tote, but instead I decided to make it into a zipper pouch, and I couldn’t resist adding some Liberty. Liberty and linen are after all a match made in heaven, especially if you add some wool felt applique!

Zakka Wool Applique - Book Tour

Zakka Wool Applique - Book Tour

Zakka Wool Applique - Book Tour

I loved the slow mindfulness of this project, being able to settle down with some relaxing stitching and to be able to turn it into something useful is an added bonus!

Be sure to check out all the talented makers on this fab book tour! Minki’s book Zakka Wool Applique is available to buy in shops or download now.

Zakka Wool Applique - Book Tour


3 thoughts on “Zakka Wool Applique Book Tour

  1. This is so pretty. I am allergic to wool, it makes me itch terrible otherwise I would love to have a go (I don’t think that cheap felt would give the same look). x


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