Wedding Planning

We’ve set the date!

I am pleased to announce that on the 15th May 2013 I willl be marrying the love of my life. This is the venue where we will be married and have our reception. I feel a lot more relaxed now it is all booked, I can now get on with planning the extras. I am…… Continue reading We’ve set the date!

Wedding Planning

Save the date..

I am trying to get the planning priorties in order. I have been looking at some lovely save the date ideas. Although I’m not sure if we will send them as we are not having a long engagement. I’m loving the I stole her heart,  so I’m stealing his last name. I also like the…… Continue reading Save the date..

Wedding Planning

The Wedding Planning Has Started… Cakes and Flowers

I have been engaged less than a week and I’m already flowing with ideas. We are planning to wed in May next year so there is a lot to be done in a short time. Looking through sites such as Pinterest and Etsy and having attended a Wedding Fair it shows that if you could afford to you…… Continue reading The Wedding Planning Has Started… Cakes and Flowers


Some wonderful news

Sorry for not posting the last few days, my partner and I went away for a few days to Glastonbury (the town not the festival). Little did I know that he had a surprise in store for me. It started with a walk up to the top of Glastonbury Tor. When we reached to top….…… Continue reading Some wonderful news