Wedding Planning

The Wedding Planning Has Started… Cakes and Flowers

I have been engaged less than a week and I’m already flowing with ideas. We are planning to wed in May next year so there is a lot to be done in a short time. Looking through sites such as Pinterest and Etsy and having attended a Wedding Fair it shows that if you could afford to you could spend £1000’s. We unfortunately don’t have much of a budget so I have been thinking of ways of creating the effect I like but on a lower budget. We have started to write down a budget and its amazing how quickly just the essentials add up. But a girl can dream and I’ve been Pinning like mad!

I would like to go for a vintage style wedding with pinks and ivory and lots of flowers and candles. These are some of my favourite bouquets at the moment.

So pretty! I’m hoping that some of these flowers might be in season in May, as apparently it is cheaper to order flowers of the season.

Now for the cake, my Fiance would like to have a try at making it. He is very talented in that department, and even made a guinea pig shaped cake for my 30th last year. We are thinking of having one pink champagne sponge, a second a plain sponge and the top a fruit cake as this is traditionally kept for the christening ( if we are lucky enough to have this joy in the future)

These are some of my favourite styles at the moment. Again so pretty!

If I’m allowed to gush for the moment. I am so happy and excited to be married to my best friend, the man I love with all my heart. And even though we have a small budget I know its going to be a special and most wonderful day that we will treasure for the rest of our lives.

(For photo credits please visit my pinterest board – you will be able to see more of my ideas and follow to see more)


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