Mandolin Quilt Update

I had hoped to have a couple more of these blocks finished before I shared an update with you, but seeing as my progress has got a little (ok a lot) behind I thought I’d share the one block I have finished since my last post on this. I’m really happy with this one. I…… Continue reading Mandolin Quilt Update

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Vintage embroidery

So I’m feeling a little sorry for myself, I woke up without my voice, it’s finally given in and stopped working completely, my  throat is so sore and my glands are really swollen and my ears are all blocked up too… boo hoo :( The thing is it’s our first wedding anniversary tomorrow and we had…… Continue reading Vintage embroidery


A well deserved rest and a bit of crochet

The past week has been so hectic with the run up to the craft fair and then the craft fair at the weekend. I had been sewing like a crazy woman. The craft fair was a two-day event so it was a loooong weekend.  The floors in our flat were covered with bits of felt, thread, seed beads…… Continue reading A well deserved rest and a bit of crochet