November round-up

I can’t quite believe we’re in December already! How on earth did that happen!?

As scary as it is that it has flown by so quick it is also exciting. Living in house with a 4 year old certainly makes this time of year very special, and we’re enjoying the journey of making yearly traditions which will hopefully create happy memories for her that will last a lifetime.

So what sewing did I get up to last month and what do I have planned for the last month of the year?

Well there has been a fair bit of secret sewing that I can’t share but I did make this Clamshell Dilly Bag with Riley Blake Design’s new fabric collection Pemberley!

Pemberley Fabric Clamshell Dilly Bag - Riley Blake Designs

You probably guessed I cant get enough of clamshells these days and even started to prep a stocking but unfortunately it hasn’t got past the basting stage, better get a wriggle on with that project!

Christmas Sewing

In other Christmas sewing I made this Gingerbread House for Ellis and Higgs that is still patiently waiting to be turned into something, I fear it may still be an orphan block this time next year though!

Gingerbread House Patchwork Blocks

I’ve been making some holly from fabric and will share soon what I came up with for them!

Christmas Sewing

I have picked up some cross stitch for the first time in a while and am really enjoying it. I’m even planning on signing up to The Frosted Pumpkin’s new SAL next year – “Animal Almanac”. I cannot resist anything animal related, especially when these animals have been dressed in cute little outfits!

The Nutcracker Parade

I finished a Meadowland Quilt top and all that is left is to finish the quilting on it (my most loathed part of making a quilt!)

Rose Lane fabric - Meadowland Quilt

I treated myself to this lovely new book and am looking forward to stitching some cute projects over the Christmas break!

Sew Cute Quilts and Gifts

So what’s the plan for this month. Well lots more secret sewing, I have a few gifts I would like to/need to make. Thankfully most of my Christmas shopping is done so I don’t have that to stress about. I would like to get 2 of my basted quilts quilted but am probably thinking realistically it will most likely only be one! I hope to finish my Nutcracker Cross Stitch, and generally just get lingering projects finished so I have a clear “desk” (aka dining table) ready for a new year! In reality I know I will run out of time to even do half of what’s on my list but I’ll give it a go!

What projects are you hoping to have finished by the end of 2019?


One thought on “November round-up

  1. I think my favourite is the dilly bag that you made. I still need to finish a baby quilt for next week and make two birthdays presents for early January. Finding a large block of time is the answer for me, with no sewing area I have to spend a good while tidying up the kitchen table and moving things around toast the machine up so with all the time it takes to set it up and put it away again it has to be worth it for getting things done. x


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