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Clover Bias Binding Ruler

I have to be honest I am super lazy when it comes to making my own binding! My first choice is to buy pre-made, always, even for quilts! Perhaps not the most cost effective and certainly very limiting with regards to fabric choices, but by the time it comes to the binding stage of a…… Continue reading Clover Bias Binding Ruler


Rainy Days Sewing Book Tour: Sidewalk Quilt and Spotlight Pillow

Today is my stop on the Rainy Days Sewing Book Tour! I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this book since I first saw it on pre-order back in February 2017, and let me tell you it is certainly worth the wait! Every single project in there I want to make that narrowing it…… Continue reading Rainy Days Sewing Book Tour: Sidewalk Quilt and Spotlight Pillow


Dorothy’s Journey – Dresden Cushion

Today is my stop on the Dorothy’s Journey Blog Tour for Riley Blake Designs! When I think of the Wizard of Oz apart from friendship and fun songs I think of Dorothy’s desperation to get home, uttering those famous lines “There’s No Place Like Home”. Being a real homebird myself I can really relate to…… Continue reading Dorothy’s Journey – Dresden Cushion


Dorothy’s Journey Fabric

Riley Blake Designs have an upcoming range that I am super excited about. Dorothy’s Journey fabric is by Jill Howarth who has already designed some super cute lines, including Red Riding, Once Upon a Rhyme, Neverland and Goldilocks. She also illustrates the sweetest children books! I think you can gather I am rather a huge…… Continue reading Dorothy’s Journey Fabric


Rhapsody Fabric – Granny Bag

I was fortunate enough to receive some advanced samples of Sedef Imer’s new fabric line Rhapsody for Riley Blake Designs. Oh it is sooo pretty! I especially love the main teal print and the attention to details like the tiny white hearts. I’m also (of course) absolutely in love with the tiny pink floral fabric.…… Continue reading Rhapsody Fabric – Granny Bag


Once Upon a Rhyme Cushion

Do you remember the Bluebirds on Roses Cushion I made a couple of weeks back? You know the one destined for Mabel’s room… well it is still sat in our lounge and I must admit to being rather fond of it! In my defense it is rather on the large size for a little girl’s…… Continue reading Once Upon a Rhyme Cushion


Blogging block… So a little round-up instead!

I read somewhere that it’s not healthy to apologise if you’ve not posted or blogged in a while, and I can see why they would say that, after all it’s not good to put unnecessary pressure on yourself and blogging should be a joy not a chore! However I am sorry, it’s not because I…… Continue reading Blogging block… So a little round-up instead!