Spring Stitching

I recently signed up to a Spring Stitching Club from Wild Olive. Each week for 13weeks an embroidery pattern with a spring theme is emailed to you to be downloaded and stitched onto a fabric of your choice, which will become a patchwork lap quilt.

Spring stitching
The quilt is made up of my favourite patchwork style to do hexagons. Each hexagon is made by hand using the English paper piecing method.

Spring stitching: Hexagons

These are some of the hexagons I have made already. In the middle of each hexagon flower will be one of the embroidered hexagons.

Spring Stitching

Spring stitching

Each pattern comes with clear instructions and colour choices to use. It also includes a mini tutorial on how to make the hexagons if you have not made them before.

I was late to join the party so I have a lot of catching up to do, but I’m really enjoying this project, and making something that is for me and not the shop. It’s also quite exciting waiting for the email and finding out what is next to be stitched! I will be posting my progress here so you can see how I get on. If your into patchwork and embroidery I highly recommend this project $8 well spent I reckon, and there is also a Flickr group to track other peoples progress too!



Coconut, Chocolate and Cherry Traybake

I’m not entirely sure where the week has gone but somehow it is Saturday already and it’s been a week since I last blogged.

Yesterday was a very sad day for us, we had a funeral to attend. When we got home I needed to do something to take my mind off things, and needed something yummy to it too, but because it had been a long day I needed something simple and quick too.

Coconut, Choc, Cherry Traybake

This is so simple, a great recipe to try with the kids or grandkids, and it tastes so good. Coconut and cherry go so well so together, but add some white chocolate to it and its extra special.

Coconut, Choc and Cherry Traybake


200g Desiccated coconut

80g Caster sugar

2 large eggs, beaten

200g bar white chocolate, roughly chopped

85g Glace cherries, halved


Preheat oven to 180C/ gas 4/ 350F. Line a 20cm x 30cm baking tin with baking parchment.

In a large bowl, mix the coconut, sugar, eggs, white chocolate and glace cherries until well combined.

Transfer the mixture to the tin, gently pressing down the surface.

Cook for 20 minutes, until golden brown and set, then cool in the tin before slicing into bars.




Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! I hope you are all having a lovely Easter Sunday. It’s been a nice relaxing one here, and I’ve stuck to the plan of eating as much chocolate as I can! I made some more shortbread yesterday but didn’t get a chance to decorate them, so while hubbie was watching the Formula 1 I scurried off to the kitchen to do just that!

Happy Easter

Bunny Dairy Milk

Check out this cute bunny chocolate Cadbury are selling! I had to get it, and I knew they would make a perfect topper to my biscuits!

Happy Easter biscuits

I slathered a generous layer of melted white chocolate before putting a square of the bunny chocolate on top.

Easter biscuits Easter biscut Happy Easter

A perfect Easter treat!

Happy Easter


Easter Baking

Easter baking

I hope you are enjoying the Easter holiday, we have been blessed with some lovely spring weather. I had a go at the hot cross buns yesterday. It seemed to take me all day to make them, and if I’m honest I was not best pleased with the end result.

Easter baking

It’s not a recipe I will use again, I wasn’t sure about it when it didn’t tell me to activate the yeast, and to put the yeast straight in and to use cold milk. Of course this meant it took forever to prove and didn’t rise properly. The glaze they told me to use milk and sugar, instead of water and sugar?! When I’m trying a recipe like this for the first time I don’t quite have enough faith in myself to change a recipe, and like stick to it word for word. I should have gone with my gut and warmed the milk! The end result is they are a little dense, they don’t have the soft squidgy texture like the ones you buy, oh and I forgot to add the salt so they don’t taste so good either :(

The cross didn’t come out so well either! All in all I am disappointed with this bake, BUT it hasn’t put me off, I will give them another try… but not this weekend.

While I was waiting around for the dough to prove, I made on hubbie’s request some cornflake cakes. Something more manageable!

Easter baking

Now these did taste good! :) I do plan to eat ALOT of chocolate this weekend, because after that I need to go on a healthy eating kick!

Easter baking

Happy Easter to you, hope you enjoy the weekend x


Easter Bunny Biscuits..

Getting ready for the Easter weekend I made a batch of shortbread bunnies. I’ve had this cookie cutter for a while now but have only just got around to using it.

bunny biscuits
For the icing I used Royal Icing with a touch of violet food colouring. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I found the icing so fiddly to get perfect that I was getting very cross with myself. But once I got myself a jug with hot water to make it easier to smooth the icing I got quite into it and I found myself really enjoying it. Not bad considering I was going to give up after two biscuits! I need to learn more patience!!

bunny biscuits

To complete the look I gave the bunnies tails using pearly sprinkles.

bunny biscuits

Tomorrow being Good Friday I’m planning on making some Hot Cross Buns. I do love a hot cross bun. Of course I will share my efforts here!


Beautiful Butterfly Cakes

butterfly cakes

One of my favourite cakes as a girl was butterfly cakes, and you can see why, so pretty and girlie! But the best thing for me was the butter icing centre. Simple pleasures! I don’t remember that many cakes having butter icing so when I came across a butterfly cake at a party… (as that was mainly where they would be served… saved for best :)) I couldn’t wait to tuck in.

Strangely even though these were my favourite cakes as a child this is the first time as an adult I’ve made them. I can safely say I will be making them again. Something so simple yet looks so ‘fancy’ and pretty, and they taste divine.

butterfly cake

And to honour a bit of childhood nostalgia I let my Momiji dolls join the party!

butterfly cake

So all you need to do to make one of these lovely cakes, is to whip a batch of your favourite cupcakes,

Being careful not to cut too far down, cut a circle around the top of the cake and remove it, keep to one side.

Pipe a generous swirl of butter icing in the hole.

Cut the cake circle in half and place back on top of the cake so it resembles a pair of wings.

Finally dust the cakes with icing sugar.

butterfly cake

Crafts · Sewing



I’ve been really enjoying getting back into the sewing room, and I have the Great British Sewing Bee to thank for that. It all came to an end last night in the grand final, and a huge congratulations to Heather who in my eyes was a surprise winner (my money was on Chinelo), although the dress she made in the final challenge was amazing.

I’ve been wanting to learn dressmaking for so long, but my confidence always lets me down, I also lack the patience and that is why I love making my little purses. As well as watching the Sewing Bee I came across a blog called Refashionista. Totally awesome blog! She buys a truly awful dress from a charity shop and turns it into something very wearable. Each week one of the challenges on the Sewing Bee was to ‘refashion’ a garment. I’m totally inspired by it and can’t wait to get down to the charity shops to find some old clothes to cut up and *try* and turn into something wonderful. It has the added bonus of not having to work with all the complicated pattern pieces that always confuse me!

In some shop news I have added more purses. The felt plush listings are beginning to expire and I doubt I will be renewing, as much as I enjoyed making them, they proved to be unpopular not generating many views or interest :(

Today I had a go at doing something a little different with the coin purses, using pretty vintage style fabric I added some lace and ribbon, and I was pleased with the results.

granny chic tilda ribbon purseWhat do you think?

Yesterday the postie brought me some more lovely mail. Lucky me!

Home Makery goodies Home Makery goodies

Some fabby new ribbons and buttons from The Home Makery. Beautifully packaged it felt like my birthday when I opened the parcel.


I’m loving these flowers, they are some sort of hybrid of daffodil and they are so pretty like a peony or rose.