Little Ghost Halloween Pennant

I am trying hard to embrace Halloween but (and I may surprise a few folks here) I actually hate it. I want to lock my door and hide away from everyone! The whole walk past the houses without a pumpkin seems to get ignored where I live and last year we were still getting callers at 9pm!! You may think I’m a humbug but it genuinely causes me a LOT of anxiety. So much so in the week building up to it I have been getting more and more stressed about it and I am dreading it! Not only that it’s the cost of things that goes into just one night!! I moaned about it last year, so wont repeat myself again, you can read it here.

However I’m not going to lie I cannot resist a cute little ghostie! In fact I really love the “Kawaii” interpretation of Halloween. I recently had the pleasure of becoming a new pattern tester for Ellis and Higgs What an honour! I love her patterns, and how cute and modern they are. She has a whole new collection of Halloween patterns just released and I couldn’t wait to test the cute little ghost for her. I originally tested this pattern in August and my mind wasn’t really on the dark colours of Halloween and who says ghosts cant be pretty too? So I went with a pretty pink floral.

Little Ghost

However as the nights were starting to draw in and Halloween was getting closer and with my need to try and embrace it I decided to make another in some more “Halloweeny” colours. Not being a fan of orange I picked a purple from the Kisses collection by Riley Blake and paired it with their Confetti Cottons.

I couldn’t just leave this little guy an orphan so instead turned him into a Pennant. It was simple and a lot of fun to make! Now he can hang by the (inside of) front door as a token effort of my celebrating Halloween. I haven’t quite decided on what I will do with Mabel yet, if to let her stay up later to see the “trick or treaters”, take her trick or treating, or take her to the local church where her pre-school is who are having a “Hero” party. Whatever we do she will have a fun costume to wear and I hope will have a good time. She’s still at the age where she doesn’t really know about it, but I can imagine that won’t be for much longer! Maybe with cute sewing like this I will come around to it in time.

So what do you do for Halloween? Are you a fan? Are you a hider? Does it give you anxiety like it does me? I would love to hear all thoughts! I hope I haven’t come across as too much of misery, I know my American readers really love Halloween and embrace it wholeheartedly and in good spirits and that is totally fine, it is a relatively new thing here in the UK and getting bigger each year so I guess it will take some getting use to.

Whichever way you feel I hope it is a very happy night for you!


Little Ghost Halloween pennant


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